Best-in-class corporate governance structure

As a diversified asset management and real-industry conglomerate, ZEG has, since its founding, made unremitting efforts to polish up its modern corporate governance mechanism, to improve its consultation and decision-making mechanism, and to empower its subsidiaries. On top of that, ZEG stays committed to optimizing the organizational structure of corporate governance, scaling up the systematization and standardization of governance mechanisms, and ratching up the optimization of business model, thereby comprehensively serving high-quality socioeconomic development in the new era and steering the entire group towards the goal of seeking steady development and creating long-lasting value.

Well-developed talent development platform

ZEG insists that talent amounts to valuable resources and assets undergirding the thriving development of modern enterprises and serves as the very cornerstone underpinning the fruitful implementation of corporate development strategies and the building of a top-tier conglomerate. Upholding the "people-centric" culture, ZEG is committed to safeguarding the rights and interests of employees and lending constructive support to their personal development. ZEG has instituted a "full-tier coverage training mechanism" and a "personalized career development path" to help employees tap their potential to the fullest extent and to achieve the joint promotion of corporate value and employees' personal value. With a particular focus on the construction of a harmonious enterprise, ZEG has also put in place an occupational health security system to comprehensively protect the physical and mental health of its employees. Through the employee care system, ZEG strives to build a happy workplace and a better life for its employees.

Proven track record of successful project management

Over the past two decades, ZEG has established an extraordinary track record of productive investment and cooperation in spheres of modern agriculture, TMT, big consumption, big data, renewable energy, mineral resources, financial services, etc. With extensive project experience, ZEG is well poised to grasp market opportunities and meet customers' diverse needs.

Second-to-none innovation empowerment capability

Aside from delivering competitive products and services to meet diversified needs, ZEG has also put in deep-diving efforts to tap its own innovation potential, to focus on new developments, and to expand into multi-dimensional innovations. In alignment with the national innovation-driven development strategy for the new era, ZEG and its subsidiaries have managed to pin down the points of match between their actual development needs and technological innovation, and thereby built a novel development paradigm of "idea-led independent innovation" and an innovation empowerment system for the new era to help the group "consolidate the development basis and build up the momentum".

Full-fledged risk management system

As a diversified conglomerate, ZEG is committed to taking risk control as the linchpin of its strategic development plan and embedding the values of comprehensive risk management into the corporate culture. Adhering to the risk management philosophy of "putting prevention first and nipping risks in the bud", ZEG has built a full-fledged risk management system and brougt into being a risk prevention system underlain by "extensive watch and differentiated management". ZEG maintains close partnerships with a wide array of research institutions, industry experts, regulatory agencies and prestigious universities that can readily provide comprehensive research and expert support for ZEG's sprawling operations, allowing ZEG to seize on the trends, rein in potential risks and maximize returns on investment.


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