ZEG Donated 100 million RMB to Facilitate Targeted Poverty Alleviation in Xinjiang

On 3rd, August, a ceremony of donation for poverty alleviation was held in Makit County, Kashgar Prefecture, Xinjiang. Alecken Eminbahe, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’

News of ZEG

  • Studying Practical Skills to Improve the Financial Fraud Risk Prevention in Investment Practice

    In recent years, financial fraud is frequently seen in listed companies. With Regulatory Authorities strengthening the punishment of fraudulence and insider-dealing, how to prevent financial fraud of

  • ZEV Develops Electric Logistics Vehicles to Bridge the Last Mile of Terminal Logistics

    When new energy meets logistics vehicles, what will happen? On 26th June, ZGV strategic cooperation contract signing ceremony was held in Qiandaohu Lake, Hangzhou, which is known as “the most beautif

  • Understanding Scientific Risk Control to Realize the Prudent Development of Equity Investment

    With the rapid development of the capital market in China, ZEG is gradually expanding its equity investment operations. In order to further discussion the framework, logic, operation standard and risk


About ZEG

Founded in 1995, Zhongzhi Enterprise Group (“ZEG”) headquarters in Beijing and currently has more than 10,000 employees, with AUM surpassing 1 trillion RMB. As China’s leading asset management gro

Culture of ZEG

  • The Fragrance of Reed Leaves Indicates a Prosperous Future ——Letter to ZEG Staff on the Dragon Boat Festival

    May is a time of greening leaves and blossoming flowers. It is also a time when we celebrate the traditional Dragon Boat Festival in the fragrance of reed leaves. The Board of Directors of ZEG would l

  • Communicating with Great Minds to Build World Class Group ——A Letter to Employees on the Occasion of the “International Workers’ Day” Thematic Reading Activity

    In this beautiful season of early summer, with greening leaves and blossoming flowers, we embraced the International Workers’ Day, a festival of our own. ZEG board of directors would like to extend ou

  • The Fifth “Tianqin Cup” Football League and Sports Theme Activity Month Made a Great Success

    To better implement the corporate culture of “diligence and humanity”, ZEG organized the fifth “Tianqin Cup” Football League as part of the sports theme activity month lasting from 19th September to 1

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